5 Things You May Not Know…

…about Carmel-By-The-Sea, California…

carmel 2

1.)  They have a bakery that’s been open for more than a 100 years.  I like to think they’ve been perfecting their recipes that whole time and they have a baklava that tastes like honeyed magic.  I can not confirm this, but I’d like to.

2.)  They have houses there called Hansel & Gretel Cottages.   They might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen outside of Disneyland buildings.

carmel hansel

3)  The Cypress-Inn is so dog-friendly, they have dog events.  I’m thinking my Sookie would dig these.


4.)  They built the first outdoor theater west of the Mississippi, where they buried the town dog, Pal.  They’re not joking about being dog-friendly in Carmel.

5.)  My upcoming cozy mystery series is set in Carmel in the 1950s.  It’ll be my first non-paranormal book, and I’m having so much fun writing something that includes bicycles, what it might have felt like to have lived through World War II and then pick back up a ‘normal’ life, and here is the current cover.Zinnia-West-&-The-Corpse-Served-Cold,-Book-1

Even though I remember when people first starting toting cell phones, it’s weird to think of things without google, convenient phones, and little things like miranda rights.  I was just writing a scene, imagining the detective’s desk, and then realizing he wouldn’t have a computer.  Fun, huh?  It’s coming soon and I hope you love it!



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