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Curling into a book…

When times are hard for me, I curl up with a book.  And reading, so long a habit with me, is like sliding into the book itself, sliding into another world, sliding into an escape. Which is just what I need when times are rough.  And the other day, I set aside my own writing… Continue reading Curling into a book…

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Trying something new…

So, if you've seen my shelves, you know they're bulging   I'm actually at the point where no more bookshelves will fit into my apartment and no more books will fit on my shelves.  😦 Clearly I need to move.  Especially since I'm not going to stop buying books.... Aren't these lovely.  I need something like this.  Times 10. This is my… Continue reading Trying something new…

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This is my 100th post.

What the front door?~! There should be bells and whistles.  And chocolate and Dr. Pepper.  I'll take care of the last two for me. You're on your own. But here's an image to get you on your way. In honor of this post, I thought I'd ignore the whole foster parenting doo-dah and give my own book… Continue reading This is my 100th post.

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I wish I were DEAD!!!!!!!

I mean, not me personally. It's just I'm reading Varney the Vampire.  And this wish for death seems to be a reasonable reaction to the crazy stuff happening to these dudes.  Varney the Vampire is a Victorian "penny dreadful." Yes, I bought it because of the title and the realization that it was an old school trash… Continue reading I wish I were DEAD!!!!!!!

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Review: Tom Sawyer Detective (with references to other books thrown in)

  So first of all.  Meh on this one.  For me this is a solid 3 stars.  I liked it well enough, but if it were a stand alone rather than the 4th book, I'd *probably* not read the sequel. The thing I've been noticing lately is that many a book has a HUGE character.… Continue reading Review: Tom Sawyer Detective (with references to other books thrown in)

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The Crazy Train

Here's the thing about the mass, mound, bunch, lot, assemblage, mess, pack, and swarm of crazy ruling my life.  It's too much.  It's just too much.  Somehow I haven't yet collapsed.  My mom and I have a no break-downs pact.  Here's what I have going: 1) My FiestyPants and BoyBlue are being transitioned home to… Continue reading The Crazy Train

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Review: Huck Finn

So, after being tired of Huck Finn, I got sucked back in.  This book makes me laugh out loud.   I'm not going to re-hash the plot.  Essentially--I like it.  Loved it even.  I recommend it.  But there were a few points where I thought...mmmmm, this part should be shorter.  Especially the parts with "the… Continue reading Review: Huck Finn

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I'm going to start by saying that I know this is stupid to say.  But truthfully, I'm kinda getting bored with Huck's adventures. I think it's partially that I'm just really tired right now.  Plus if there were ever a novel about foster parenting this is it.  And I'm kind of emotionally exhausted, so maybe… Continue reading Sacrilege…