Mystic Cove Books

Bedtime-and-Broomsticks_Final Apr 23

When Scarlett Oaken’s path is foretold, the promise is broken love and a return to her hometown in failure. That day has arrived. But, she’s determined to carve a new life for herself and her daughters.

On the first day back to town, Scarlett’s 4-year-old daughter witnesses a murder and Luna’s memory is hexed. Now it’s a race to discover the killer before Luna regains her memory and becomes the killer’s next target.  Coming soon.  Preorder available here.


Scarlett Oaken has settled into life in Mystic Cove. Her girls are going to school, she’s baking full-time, her sister has moved in down the hall, and Scarlett is flirting with finally letting go of all she had before.

When Scarlett’s daughter Ella turns 8 and the two of them go roller-skating, enjoying the town they’ve come to call home. Only Ella spots a body and a new investigation is underway. The worst of it being there’s a missing child and Scarlett feels compelled to find that little girl. Now it’s a race to discover and save the child before the killer finds her first.  This book is available for preorder here.