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Have you ever met that crazy person who reads every kind of book?  That’s me.  And that’s me when I write too.  I write mostly cozy mysteries these days, but I’ve written a bunch of different types of stories.

As a writer, in a lot of ways, these are my favorites because they reach different parts of my heart.  Snow tapped my 13-year-old inner book nerd.  These Lying Eyes was my first book and took me FOREVER to write and FOREVER to publish.  It was the hardest to let go.  The Kendawyn Regencies are my inner love-story nerd.  Like any mother, I love all of my books.  They’re all my babies.  But, like every mother, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a favorite.  (Snow’s my favorite?  Ok?! Ok!)  (TBH I can’t really choose between Snow and These Lying Eyes.) 

If you happen to read these books too, the end of their stories are coming.  I promise.  Mina is still running around in my head, demanding her ever after.  As is, Snow and Rose and even Alice–who you have to yet to met.  FYI, Alice channels my inner-psycho.


How can the truest friends you’ve ever had be a curse?

Perhaps when you’re the only one who can see them.  

But when the unseen world forces its way into Mina Roth’s life, she is forced to trust herself as never before. With an old friend, her lifelong companions, and a newly discovered faith in herself, Mina uncovers a hidden world and makes some startling discoveries about friendship, family, and what it means to love.  Find it here.

Preludes of the Witch Queen Series.  (If you were wondering, I wrote the 1st and 3rd books here in an epic moment of WTF-ery.  Clearly, I’ve never published book 3 as book 2 still needs to happen and I got distracted by Inept Witches.)


The Shadow Kin possess great abilities. They can sense secrets, foretell your future, and sometimes even control the shadows themselves. But even the Kin aren’t immune to fate. 

For Fallow, the future promises nothing but sorrow. Armed only with the mystical red cloak of the Shadow Kin, she is determined to conquer what’s ahead and choose her own destiny. Even if that means risking everything.

Song of Sorrow is the first novella of the Preludes of the Witch Queen.  Find it here.

Curses of the Witch Queen Series.  (The first book in this series was once Snow White and Rose Red.  But I was too crappy a writer to pull off multiple POVs, and I had good enough friends to tell me so.  The end product I love.  Getting to the end product was the hardest piece of writing I’ve ever done.  I wrote and re-wrote the crap out of this book.  It makes me tired just thinking about it.

The world Snow inhabits includes stories that are so vivid to me they’re born of reoccurring dreams.  I’m not entirely certain if writing those dreams into novels will exorcise them.  And I’m not sure that’s an outcome I’d want.  Regardless, the downfall of the Witch Queen will come before I travel to other countries in the world.  I don’t ever intend to stop writing in this world.  Even if it’s entirely self-indulgent and I’m the only one who loves them.  That’s because I’m all grown up and make my own choices, yo.)SnowWhite_CVR_LRG

When Snow White falls in love with a man too charming to be real, Rose Red warns her that all was not as it seemed.

Only Snow didn’t listen and their fates were changed. Will Snow find redemption? And as she journeys to free her sister, just how dangerous will she become?  Find it here.

(Did you want to see the first cover?  I bet you do.  Of course, you do.  Why wouldn’t you?)


Here are the sequel covers.

RoseRed_CVR_LRG BeautyBeast_CVR_LRG

(In the realm of full disclosure, Rose Red is about 1/2 done with a developmental edit that already occurred.  (Again with those pesky Inept Witches just putting a fat stop on everything.)  But you want to know something even crazier?  Beauty and the Beast has a FULL draft.  Mmm-hmmm.  Why?  I told you I had an inner-psycho when we were talking about that Alice story.  Don’t be surprised by this kind of shiz.  When my previous computer was destroyed last year by a toddler wielding a cup of water, I lost soooooo much *nearly* completed works that I almost had a full mental meltdown.  I probably cried.  But I can’t be sure because I’ve blocked that time out.  For his/her safety, I also blocked out which of my kids did the murdering.  And that child is WELCOME.) (*I don’t usually write books and not finish them anymore.  It’s like I’m growing up as an author.*) 

KENDAWYN PARANORMAL REGENCY  (This series is hot stuff. (I don’t mean dirty–I mean fancy.)  So it has its own page thingy.  Whatever you call these things.)


(That’s fancy isn’t it?  FANCY-pants.  I don’t have as many fun little stories about this one.  Except I do have 3 sequels started and not finished.  Cause I’m a whack job.)


(Oh, I totally lied.  This book is 1) based off of a reoccurring dream.  If you find this book dreamy (hahahah I punned), you’ll know why.  And 2) it wasn’t supposed to be my first Kendawyn.  But me and Bewildered By Love had a fight and took some time apart.)

Alice, an obviously untalented mage, longs for a place where she belongs. When she finds an obviously high-born man, Hugh, shot in the woods, she feels compelled to save him and his inner wolf, but her world is turned upside down in the process. 

Falling in love with Hugh wasn’t in her plans. Can she find a place in this Regency-inspired society?  Find it here.


Phoebe Varling has been living a life of quiet rebellion ignoring the fate society had given her. But when she meets George Bentworth, her choices suddenly have consequences she never anticipated.  Find it here.


In a magical world of werewolves, mages, and manners, Oliver Bentworth has seen two cousins find happiness in marriage. He wants the same.

When he meets, Venetia Malvern–he knows who he wants. But despite his being the catch of the season, she doesn’t return the interest. Just how will he persuade her to love him? Let alone share her secrets with him? For there is more to Venetia’s life than dances, gowns, and magecraft and Oliver is very much concerned that her secrets are more dangerous than she knows.  Find it here.

(Here’s the sequel cover.  Maybe.  Look, I don’t make any promises.)


(I mean…probably this is the cover.  Since it’s already done.  And I’m only so whacky.  Y’know?  I mean, I’m a lot whacky.  But also a lot lazy.  I can’t really envision, therefore, replacing this cover.  I guess we’ll see when I finally finish this little dove.)

(For my most devoted fan, a little about my Alice born of my inner psycho. (I’m looking at you Mom.  Surely, you’re the only fan who got this far?!)  Not-Compelled-By-Love Alice is the main character in a very bloody, very angry retelling of Alice in Wonderland  Which is no way retells the story but does play in the world and with the characters there.  I wrote it when I was super, incredibly, incapable-of-sleep angry and have struggled with the ending.  Eventually, I’ll take the time to wrap her up, edit her, and vomit her up into the world.  When that day happens, however–don’t read it, Mom.  You won’t like it.  But you might psycho-analyze me after reading it and then we’ll have a fight.)


(I deliberately left this cover big.  So you’d be afraid of my inner psycho.  She mostly comes out to write bloody, violent stories before she hides away again.  Sometimes, she hides in the closet if there are any of those delicious Trader Joe’s Christmas cookies left.  But if there aren’t, and she can’t sleep, she might write another story that is as weird and strange and dark as this one.)