Rue Hallow

A spin-off series from Inept Witches, this series follows the adventures of Rue Hallow as she goes off to college, discovers a slew of lies about her life, and decides just who and what she wants to be.


When Veruca Jones accepts a college scholarship across the country, she thinks she’ll finally be free to form her own life.

But once Veruca arrives at St. Angelus College, she discovers that all her goals are crumbling around her. That seems to be the worst thing that could happen until students start to die, and Veruca is the suspect. 

Will she be able to find just what her dreams are before any chance of fulfilling them is taken away?  Find it here.


When Rue Hallow takes possession of Hallow House, she finds herself faced with mundane worries. Now, along with her college Biology and Necromancy 101, she has an electric bill to pay and a vampire to feed.  

Given her money trouble, she focuses on her black market potions business. During a case of Truth or Dare–witch style–she stumbles across a body. With a murder investigation and a rogue ghost looming, Rue is faced with yet another confrontation between who she wants to be and what fate has in store.  Find it here.


Rue is a Freshman at St. Angelus College, the heir of the Hallow Fortune, and has faced two necromancers who have abused their power and caused the death of innocents.  

People are starting to believe that Rue Hallow is the right choice to protect the Thinning between the living and the dead. Rue, however, isn’t among the believers. She has her own goals for her life, and they don’t include policing the dead and witches who draw power from ghosts.  

Once again, someone is breaking the laws surrounding necromancy and this time, Rue is determined not to interfere. But will she be able to keep to resolution when events draw closer and closer to home? And if she does keep her distance, just who will pay the price?  Find it here.


While Rue has been away at college, her sister, Branka has been in all sorts of trouble. And she’s brought that trouble right to Rue’s door.  

Will Rue be able to help her sister? What has Bran been hiding? And just what will those secrets cost Rue?  Find it here.


Awkward family holiday doesn’t even cover it. More like all out war. So Rue Hallow decides to stay in school, work ahead on her classes, and decide what to do about…everything.  

Except, her parents show up on her doorstep. Her dad is withdrawing from love potions, her mother is heartbroken and especially nasty. That would have been enough to drive anyone mad, but Rue’s father discovers a body and ends up as the prime suspect in a murder investigation.  

Rue, her sister, and her mother have to team up to save the one person they all adore. And try to keep from killing each other while they do it.  Find it here. 


Everything changed for Rue Hallow since going away to college. In the months she’s been at school, she’s discovered who and what she always was.  

No longer is Rue willing to bend to fate. She decides it is time to own her destiny and girl up. Which is when fate throws her the biggest challenge yet.  Find it here.


Being the Keeper of the St. Angelus Thinning is a fate that Rue never thought she’d accept. But all sorts of things are changing. She might be falling in love. She’s discovered a whole new family just as her first family started to fall apart.  

But when one of her new sisters and her grandmother ask Rue for help, she’s forced to decide just where her allegiances lie and just what she wants out of her life.  This book is available for preorder here.