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I don’t really have the words….

That shouldn't be something an aspiring author says right?  I mean I'm working through my edits for my novel. Words should just flow. isn't just words.  It's emotions.  Emotions so big I put them in a box and tell people, "I don't want to talk about that." And I don't. But it seems like… Continue reading I don’t really have the words….

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The Crazy Train

Here's the thing about the mass, mound, bunch, lot, assemblage, mess, pack, and swarm of crazy ruling my life.  It's too much.  It's just too much.  Somehow I haven't yet collapsed.  My mom and I have a no break-downs pact.  Here's what I have going: 1) My FiestyPants and BoyBlue are being transitioned home to… Continue reading The Crazy Train

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Foster parenting rage…

I've experienced rage induced tears and frustration this last week with foster parenting.  In talking it over with the co-foster-parent of my 2 (she fosters their 2 siblings), she shared with me her journal entry.  With her permission, I'm putting it here. These foster parenting posts aren't about me and my book, or my emotional… Continue reading Foster parenting rage…