What do you find scary?

I've been thinking about this for a while.  Not actually scary--like public speaking or death or heights or what not.  But fictional scary.  Silence of the Lambs, ghost stories around the camp fire.Scary to me?  That part of Signs with Mel Gibson when the alien's fingers curl up from under the pantry door.  The piece of The… Continue reading What do you find scary?


Now you know my theory about writers…

It's this, they all seem to be pretty crazy looking.  At least the ones I heartily love.  But here's the thing.  I've been working my way through P.G. Wodehouse for a while now. Jeeves is insanely funny, and the audio books are amazing.  The other day when I realized I just couldn't do King Solomon's Mines I… Continue reading Now you know my theory about writers…

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Here’s the truth…

Varney the Vampyre is crazy pants.  The book I mean, but honestly  the Vampyre admitted he was a Vampyre so....he's maybe not the best example ever.  I'm pretty sure secrecy is a good plan for those creatures of the night.   Now, there are pieces of this book that I absolutely love.  For example, the opening… Continue reading Here’s the truth…

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It’s a literary hero VS. hero. Dunh, dunh, dunh!

Captain Blood The Scarlet Pimpernel So these boys were both published in the early 1900s.  Scarlet Pimpernel came out in 1905.  Captain Blood was released 1922. Both were dandies.  Both were incredibly clever.  Both ignored the laws of their day and followed their own honor. (Though the Scarlet Pimpernel was far more "legal" than Captain… Continue reading It’s a literary hero VS. hero. Dunh, dunh, dunh!

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I wish I were DEAD!!!!!!!

I mean, not me personally. It's just I'm reading Varney the Vampire.  And this wish for death seems to be a reasonable reaction to the crazy stuff happening to these dudes.  Varney the Vampire is a Victorian "penny dreadful." Yes, I bought it because of the title and the realization that it was an old school trash… Continue reading I wish I were DEAD!!!!!!!

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You know what I like about these reviews I've been doing?  Learning about the kooks whose crazy brains put out these books.  I mean, look at these people: I really feel like I should dreadlock my hair or something.  Speaking of kooks.  There's James Malcom Rymer.  He wrote "Penny Dreadfuls" including the epic Varney the Vampire.  Before… Continue reading Writers…

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Review: Tom Sawyer Detective (with references to other books thrown in)

  So first of all.  Meh on this one.  For me this is a solid 3 stars.  I liked it well enough, but if it were a stand alone rather than the 4th book, I'd *probably* not read the sequel. The thing I've been noticing lately is that many a book has a HUGE character.… Continue reading Review: Tom Sawyer Detective (with references to other books thrown in)