September TBR

Now that I have Boyo at my house, my 3-year-old foster son, I have an exciting new way of splitting my TBR.  The print reading for me, the audio reading for me, and the print reading for Boyo at bed time. The first time I put him to bed, I decided to try a chapter… Continue reading September TBR


August TBR

Maybe this time I won't sabotage myself.  But I am going to dump the TBRs I failed so miserably at.  I mean, they'll be there, since I have my giant list with only like 1/3 crossed off.  But my new TBR is an independent thing.  Striking out on its own, shaking off the weight of… Continue reading August TBR


Monthly To Be Read: June

Turns out that May's To Be Read pile took me through *nearly* everything that I'd set as a goal, and consequently, I made it through some books that had been lingering on my shelves. Then there was this whole sense of stolen-time and wickedness as I chucked Rebel Angels by Libba Bray yet again to… Continue reading Monthly To Be Read: June

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Trying something new…

So, if you've seen my shelves, you know they're bulging   I'm actually at the point where no more bookshelves will fit into my apartment and no more books will fit on my shelves.  😦 Clearly I need to move.  Especially since I'm not going to stop buying books.... Aren't these lovely.  I need something like this.  Times 10. This is my… Continue reading Trying something new…

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Stack of something…read with me?

So, I'm going to start this new thing.  I'm not sure anyone will even care :).  However, I heart thebookrat.com and she does this deal where she presents five books that have been lingering on her shelves for a while and lets her readers vote on what she'll read next. I *might* have this little… Continue reading Stack of something…read with me?