You know what’s unhealthy?

Being able to publish a book and then watch your sales numbers every second of every day.  I’m just saying…not healthy.

Not healthy at all.

Rather like these things:

2coasterimagescold cerealChicken Po' Boy Sammie

Valentine's Day Cake
Valentine’s Day Cake

*These are just random unhealthy food pictures I’ve had in the history of my blog.  You know what else is unhealthy?  Not having one picture of a salad.

Also, perhaps you don’t consider roller coasters unhealthy.  That’s because you’re crazy.  Like me.

But if you wanted to, you too could have a copy of my pretty little book for only $3.99.  Just click HERE.





3 thoughts on “You know what’s unhealthy?”

  1. About like starting a Kickstarter campaign where you can watch the up-to-the-minute progress of your funding. 🙂

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