Book Reviews

I heart books.

Sometimes there is a book that steals a piece of you.  It sinks into you and crafts a hole and nestles there coloring your imagination and changing the things you want out of life.

harry potterimages

Because of Pride and Prejudice, I dream of a different kind of love.  I don’t need the flashy Wickham.  I need Darcy.  You know?

Because of Harry Potter, I want a letter to Hogwarts.  More than just about anything.  Sometimes when I’m having trouble sleeping, I dream of what 11 year old me would put in her trunk for Hogwarts.  What would you pack?  Are you muggle born or born to a family with a house elf and a clock that tracks your location and a mom that reads Witch Weekly?  What animal do you bring with you?  A handy owl or kitty to snuggle?

Because of some random mystery, I want to have beignets and bananas foster in New Orleans.  Because of A Wrinkle in Time, I tried a tomato sandwich (yum!).  Because of regency romance novels, I tried scones and clotted cream (also yum!).

I need Gladys from the Flavia de Luce books.  I want an old rambling gothic mansion.  I want an apple orchard.  I want to walk into the Paris catacombs.  And picnic in a Paris graveyard (Anna and the French Kiss).  I want to float in a boat on Prince Edward Island (Anne of Green Gables).

And after finishing The Dream Thieves, I want friends good enough that I can bury a body with them.  Which sounds creepy and awful.  But 1) ***SPOILER***, it wasn’t human.  And 2) there’s an odd level of friendship that you’ve reached when you can call up your buddy and bury a body together.

Who knew?

The reason I heart books though?  They allow me to experience a little bit of magic.  It’s why I write and why I read.  Because, in the end, I just heart books.


daughter of smoke and bone



girl fairyland



ps  I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see my covers with those other ones.  even if i did it myself.  ❤


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