Sigh. Alas. Stupid. Daylight. Savings.


I was already tired before the world decided to screw me over and steal an hour.  And then, I was all gung-ho to power through.  But my girls have ear infections and the Lamb–who didn’t sleep through the night before–is really not sleeping through the night now.  And I’m tired.  Damn it.

Dang tired.

Also, squirrels:

squirreldudessquirrel 2

Plus, I could totally go for a cupcake.  A pretty one:

strawberry cupcakes

It is, however, time to get back to work.  Butt in chair.  Fingers on keyboard.  I’m gonna own this year, damn it.

Writing powered by:

dr. pepper imagesMy lovely grammar editor has decided to help me with my developmental edit.  Which does, in fact, delay Snow White once again.  *Head slam*  However, I am SUPER excited to say that I think it’ll be even better than before.  I promised myself I’d do my best for each story that I publish.  And my best requires at least 1 more rewrite.

Also, we’ve teamed up to developmental edit the rest of the series.  So.  Hurray.  Woot-dee-dooo.  It is pretty difficult to find someone you like to work with on these things who gives you advice that you recognize as good for you.  Carissa has done this beautifully for me, and I *soooo* appreciate it.  Additional rewrite or not.

My next books to be published will be the same three titles I’ve already told you about, but now Snow White won’t be first. Looks to be:

Bewildered by Love.  The second book for the Kendawyn world (from me).  There are two Kendawyns out now and two coming.  The two out now are:



The coming books are Mystified by Love by Pamela Welsh and Bewildered by Love by me!  My book will continue introducing us to the world of Wolfemuir pack and their friends.

Then, likely, A Convenient Murder by Auburn Seal and Amanda A. Allen.  Here’s another look at that fantastic cover:


And then likely, Snow White:


Though that order could totally change.  Regardless, my pinky swear to myself makes me acknowledge that I will write the best version of the above stories that I can.  So, maybe Snow will be April 15 instead of March 15.  Either way, it’ll still be *soon.*  (On a side note, I HATE the word soon.)

Anyhoosen. Progress took a daylight savings induced exhaustion break, but I’m OVER it and back to work.

Damn it.


PS, I’ve read a bunch more of the popsugar book challenge and my classic novel a month challenge.  I’ll recap at the end of the month, but I’m currently reading For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway.


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