There she goes again…

So, I have gone off on the lack of female figures in Imaginext a time or two.

And I thought I was finally done.

I mean…what can you say? That I anxiously searched the Imaginext and Toy Fair 2016 hoping they’d finally release Batgirl and Supergirl? I did.  (As far as I can tell, they’re not.)

Can I say that I considered buying stupid overpriced Halloween Polly Pockets to get the heroes in the right size range for her that way? Cause I did.

supergirl batgirl

Shall I tell you how I have been looking for Rey from the new Star Wars movie every single time I’ve gone to the store since I saw the movie? Cause that’s happened.

Why even bother telling you those stories? They ALL have the same theme. No heroes for my babygirl.

Until, that is this last Sunday. You see, I’d told my kids to go get toys before we left the house.

My son, as per usual, got a random assortment of Imaginext guys. My daughter was more particular. She got Robin—her favorite super hero. And several of the smaller My Little Ponies. Whereupon, as I heard her play while I wrapping things up before we left, you know what she was doing? She was sending her ponies and Robin on a quest for Starfire.


You see. She loves Teen Titans. Which is why she loves Robin. You can find Robin so… no problem. You can find Cyborg. But you can’t find either of the girls. Imaginext doesn’t make them. My daughter’s pretend play is a SEARCH FOR THE FEMALE HEROES.

This is where the headslamming began. Or continued. You choose. I have been, since I realized what she was doing, low-level furious.

Girls can be heroes.

Girls can do anything.

Girls should have heroes to play with if that’s what they love. One of my girls loves babies, and we have the baby stuff. The other loves to get on the floor with big brother and play with action figures. And, despite the new line of DC Super Hero girls that are FINALLY being released, they don’t have the one my baby loves. And even though we will buy every single one of those heroes, they’re not the small action figure size that my baby loves.

Imaginext  Gotham Girls

My son can have and has every single random male hero he desires. My daughter’s loves are, however, unfillable.

And that pisses me off.



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