Vancouver/ Portland

Why I Heart Portland (ok…. the Portland area)

So, I don’t actually live in Portland right now.  But I might as well since I’m here every day to work, and I often play in Portland rather than in the ‘Couv.  Plus, in my defense I did spend my childhood in NE Portland.  I also went to Rigler Elementary and Whittaker Middle School.  Anyone else out there risk death daily for Whittaker?


I might live across the river now and despise Oregon taxes, but this is my city.


Possible the most magical place on earth.  Never been to Powell’s?  Go, go now.  And bring all your pennies.  You’ll need them.


Pine State Biscuits.  Yum.

Even yummer?  Dunh, Dunh, Duhhhhh……..


Meriwethers on 28th and Vaughn.  OMGoodness.


Laurelhurst Park.  I had my third birthday here.  Its next to one of Portland coolest little neighborhoods.  Great for food and wandering.  Por Que No tacos.  Jacivas….  Yummo!


Lacamas Lake.  This one’s in the Couv.  But its beautiful, and I’d love to live closer to it.


This is from Oregon Children’s Theater.  But…. Portland is full of theaters.  They get a nice round of traveling plays, they’re within five hours of the Fantastic Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and there’s the Oregon Ballet Theater.  If you like to go to the plays, Portland is hardly lacking.

So lucky to live here.  Plus for those of you who eat hippie meat and foods, Portland it pretty much the promised land.  The beach is within a couple of hours; the city is dividied by beautiful rivers; and parks abound.  There’s Saturday’s Market, Farmer’s Markets, 23rd Street, Hawthorne, the Oregon Zoo, Zoo concerts, Zoo lights, the Zoo Boo, the Japanese Gardens, the Rose Gardens, the Rose Festival, the One More Time Around Again Band, the Arboretum,and book stores everywhere.

Bravo Portland!



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