My person I know (who could be related to me) once told me that when you make a To Do List you put stuff on it that you’re going to do anyway.  This is a beautiful, kind, wise person who raised 6 kids and maybe could have once–but probably didn’t–chase one of those jerk kids around the house with a broom is SMART. (This so-called chasing action was both well-deserved and also never happened.  Plus it was a long, long, long time ago, and it’s too late to call CPS.)

Right now, I’m making a list of To Dos for getting this book ready for publication.  Good ole’ unnamed subject once told me to put on your To Do Lists things that you have to do, so you can feel good about getting something done.

To Do:

Use the Potty


Feed the Kids

Walk the Dogs

Publish my book

Earn a living with the book

Quit my job

Move to Florence, Italy


Wish me luck!




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