Book Reviews


You know what I like about these reviews I’ve been doing?  Learning about the kooks whose crazy brains put out these books.  I mean, look at these people:



john green images



patrick rothfuss

I really feel like I should dreadlock my hair or something.  Speaking of kooks.  There’s James Malcom Rymer.  He wrote “Penny Dreadfuls” including the epic Varney the Vampire.  Before you mock me too much, he predated Dracula and maybe plot points are….borrowed.


Anyhoo, isn’t that delightfully weird?  I’ve only just started the book, so we’ll see if it’s fun.  But here’s some more fun about this dude.  He’s the creator Sweeney Todd.  He was accused of “worshiping criminals, and holding up murderers and highwaymen for the admiration of children.”

Tee hee.

I mean honestly.  Tee hee.

Now I’m only a few pages into this book beyond the introduction where I took that quote.  But this dude is attributed with being super shy, the writer of perhaps 115 books, and about 4 feet tall.  Yet, somehow when Bram Stoker steals plot ideas from you, you’re larger than life.



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