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Review: MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors





This book pulls the dude right out of you without ever using the word.  Disclaimer: I never watched the show except here and there when my dad wouldn’t let me watch My Little Pony or whatever.  Right now, I’m tempted to drop a $100+ to watch the series after this book.  This book was hilariously, effing perfect. By perfect, I mean, I LOVED it.  It was the Korean War meets Psych meets ?!?!?! Did they just dress up as Jesus and sell pictures while hanging the poor dude from a helicopter?  ??!??!???!!

They did!  They did!  Shut the hell up!  They did!


I can only imagine for actual veterans to read a story about a couple of buddies who tortured the Army while still saving lives was perfect.  It would be the best escape fiction for the enlisted ever.

Recommended?  For the love of dudes everywhere, YES!



2 thoughts on “Review: MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors”

  1. How did you not watch more of this classic TV show in our home? The movie is also a must see. Netflix for free. Love both the movie and the show.

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