The Great Cake Debate

My baby is turning two.  2!  *Sniff, sniff*

And in turning two, she’s too little to tell me what kind of cake she wants for her party.  The tradition in my family is cherry chip cake.  Or chocolate.  Or carrot cake if you were my dad.  Last year, I made her the Ultimate Vanilla Cupakes from cupcakeproject.com.  I added chopped up marachino cherries.  They were damn good.


You’d think it wouldn’t be a debate right?  Those were so good.  Like possibly the best cupcakes I have ever made, and certainly close to the best cupcakes I have ever eaten. Possibly not the best I’ve ever eaten.  But close.  Close.


But I’m a single parent, with three babies, and I work full-time while also trying to make a career as a writer of fiction.  I don’t watch T.V.  I have gone from seeing every single movie I wanted to see in the theater to the marvel movies only.  And only if I’m lucky.  I listen to audio books because I don’t have time to sit and read.  Ever.

So, chances to bake are RARE.  Opportunities to justify baking are RARE.  My son knew exactly what he wanted.  “Chocolate cupcakes with red frosting!”  I made him the Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake from cupcakeproject.com with cream cheese frosting that had cherry jam and maraschino cherries in it.  He loved them.

But baby girl can’t tell me what she wants.  It’s like I have an ocean of opportunities.  And I have to decide ASAP.


How freaking pretty is that?


Um….maybe!  Maybe!!


Dude.  I have wanted to make this cake for years!

petitMaybe for my baby-baby.  She’s one year old in late spring.  So I get to, tee-hee, choose for her too.


Possibly for baby-baby too.  That’s a perfect smash cake!


My bigger baby was born in February.  So perhaps.


Possibly for baby-baby too.

Yesterday, I gave the kids ice cream floats with strawberry soda.  Given big baby’s grins as she ate it, that is what I *should* provide for her birthday.  BUT…

That’s not baking.  Sigh.  Also other children + red soda = no go.

strawberry cupcakes

Not sure.  Oh the trials of life of a spoiled middle-class American.

❤ Amanda


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